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Introducing Bank North's U-Pass

Your information security is our primary concern at Bank North. That is why we have implemented a new Multifactor Authentication process called U-Pass (User Password Authentication Security System) to ensure your financial data is safe when using Online Banking.

The features of our Online Banking will remain the same; however, the way you login to Online Banking has changed. Now when you login, you will receive a secret picture and passphrase.

When you first logon to Online Banking with this new security feature, you will receive your own secret picture and have to describe the picture with a passphrase. We will always display your picture and passphrase before you are asked to enter your password on our website. If you do not see your picture or passphrase, please contact the Wausaukee Office at 715-856-5116 immediately because you may have been directed to an unauthorized/fraudulent website.

Upon your first login of the new system, you will be asked to answer three challenge questions that will be used for verification purposes if the security system does not recognize your computer. Please note: If you register your computer with U-PASS, then you do not have to answer a challenge question each time you log on.