If you have read this document and still have questions, please contact Valerie at our Bank North Wausaukee Office - 715-856-5116.

What is Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a form of security structured by;

  • What you know?
  • What you have?
  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • Where you are?

You are using multifactor authentication in your daily life when you use an ATM and access your Internet Banking account. For example, when you access an ATM:

  • What you have? - ATM Card
  • What you know? - PIN number

When you access Online Banking, you only satisfy one question - 'What you know?' (An Access ID and Password). With U-Pass, we add the second question in the authentication process, which is 'what you have?' - Your Computer and Image.

What is U-Pass?

U-Pass is the security verification application that Bank North implemented to provide MFA for all of our personal and business Online Banking accounts. With U-Pass, there will be a 'cookie' and small Flash object installed on all your 'registered' computers. These objects will be used to identify your computer as being a known valid computer used to log into your Online Banking account. When you log into Online Banking, you will also be able to verify that the site you have reached is legitimate and is not a Phishing/Pharming or illegally owned website.

What will I have to do?

You will need to be enrolled into our Online Banking Program and have an Access Id and Password. If you haven’t enrolled, please go to your nearest Bank North Office and request an enrollment form.
You will need a valid email address.
That is all you need to do.

How do I enroll into U-Pass?

  1. Enter your Access ID.

  2. Enter your Password.

  3. Enroll into U-Pass.

    You must enter a valid email address; if not already established. The email address is used when the 'Email One Time Passcode' is chosen if you are at a computer which is not registered.

    An Authentication Image is assigned to you; you will be able to change the image after a successful Login.

    You must enter an Authentication Pass Phrase for the Image, such as: 'Wishin on a pot o gold'. You need to have at least one space and no punctuation or special characters can be used.

    There are 3 Challenge Questions and Answers that you will need to complete. You must choose a question you like by using the drop down arrow.

    The last part of the enrollment asks you if you are working with a personal computer or a public computer.

    • If you choose personal computer, a 'cookie' and 'Flash Object' will be installed on the computer.
    • If you choose public computer, you will have to answer a security question or receive a one-time passcode from email. This passcode does not change your Online Banking Password. It acts as an answer to a challenge question.

    It is important to only register computers that are personal to you (i.e. a home a computer or a computer you use exclusively at work). Each computer can have only one registered user for U-Pass. If a second user logs into a registered computer as their personal computer, it will erase your 'cookie' and 'Flash Object'. You can register more than one personal computer.

How do I Log In with U-Pass once I have enrolled?

The first time you login after enrollment on a personal computer ; you will:

Enter your Access ID and Submit. (Below are samples of the screens)

Verify your image and Passphrase. If it is correct, enter your Password and Submit. If it is not correct, call Bank North @ 715-856-5116.

You are now at your account page and can proceed as you have in the past.

When you log into a public computer , you will get the 'Log In' page to enter your Access ID and Submit. The next page will be the Security Challenge screen. Select either 'Email One Time Passcode' or 'Answer Challenge Question'.

If you select 'Email One Time Passcode', you will get a passcode that should not be confused with your Online Banking Password. It is one of two methods of satisfying the security challenge. Be quick about getting your email and entering it into the screen because your session can time-out and then you will have to start the log in process over.

(NOTE: I would only use this option if you can't remember your challenge question answers.)

If you select 'Answer Challenge Question', one of your 3 challenge questions will be presented to you. You must answer correctly to move on to the next screen of verify your image and paraphrase and entering your password.

How do I change my assigned image in U-Pass?

After logging into Online Banking, you will see an Options button on the top of the page. Click on that and a menu will drop down; you will select Change Security Data.

To change the image, just click on the Change Image Link under the picture and it will take you to the picture gallery.

Once in the picture gallery, you can choose pictures by clicking in the box under the picture which will keep this picture in the gallery. When you are ready to select the picture, then double-click on the image.

It will then be shown in the change security data screen. Don’t forget to change the Authentication Pass Phrase to go with the picture.

You may also change your Challenge Questions and Answers as well.

How do I register my computer?

After answering the three challenge questions, you will be asked to select either:

  • This is a personal computer. Register it. OR
  • This is a public computer. Do not register it.

If you choose “This is a personal computer” then our system will always recognize your computer. You will not have to answer challenge questions when you logon.

If you choose “This is a public computer” then each time you logon, you will have to answer a challenge question. This way the system will know it’s you.

What is the difference between passphrase and password?

Your passphrase is the identifying phrase that you gave your picture.

Your password is the Online Banking password you created on your first time login containing 1 alpha character and 1 numeric character that must be at least six characters long.

What if I don’t see my picture and/or passphrase?

Stop immediately. You may have been directed to an unauthorized/fraudulent website that is not Bank North’s. Contact the Wausaukee Office of Bank North at 715-856-5116. Do not perform any Online Banking functions at this time.