Because we're all about community, we try to assist our area organizations in all of their worthwhile endeavors. By making cash donations, donating items for raffles and prizes, to employees volunteering at community events, we feel that Bank North has placed a special emphasis on being a community bank. We've been a part of our communities for over 109 years now and plan on being around another 100.

On Thursday, December 8th, the first grade students from the Crivitz Grade School went on a field trip to Bank North where they hung Christmas tree ornaments that they had made on the bank's Christmas tree. Pictured is Judy Suennen, Customer Service Representative Crivitz West Office shown with the students after hanging their ornaments. Teachers accompanying the students but not in the picture are: Mrs. Paulson, Mrs. Marlatt and Mrs. Kust. Parents and the public are invited to come into the bank to view the ornaments.

Civitz Grade School Field Trip Bank North