Wausaukee State Bank opened its doors on January 1, 1903 prepared to service the community's banking needs. The door to the vault had not arrived but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the new Wausaukee State Bank customers. The deposits jumped from $1,183 to $12,000 in the first three days of business. The vision and civic mindedness of Harlan P. Bird, President of the Bird and Wells Lumber Company, are credited with being prime forces in the organization of the Bank.

In 1933, the Wausaukee State Bank and the Pembine State Bank were consolidated and thus became the Pembine Wausaukee Bank. The Bank continued to thrive and deposits had reached $280,000 by 1940, and by 1944 the Bank had total assets of $1 million.

Continued economic growth of the mid-county area led to a decision to establish a branch office in Crivitz. In 1944, the Crivitz State Bank became a part of what is now Bank North. Continued growth of the Bank resulted in total assets of $1,700,000 by December of 1950. The present Crivitz Bank building was constructed in 1969, and in 1990 an extensive expansion and remodeling project was completed. From this downtown location, Bank North continues to serve the growing financial needs of the Crivitz community and its surrounding areas.

Many changes occurred as the bank grew. In 1983, a branch bank was established in Amberg to better serve the residents of that community.

In 1991, the Bank's name was changed to Bank North to more accurately reflect the large mid-county area and the five communities that are served.

In 2006 we opened another branch office located inside the Piggly Wiggly Store in Crivitz. This newest branch office allows us to better serve our customers by offering them full-service banking seven days a week. We are very proud of being able to offer our customers and potential customers this service, as this is the only grocery store bank in the entire county that is not located in the city of Marinette.

"Over the years we have touched the lives of many people in the communities we serve, and we continue to touch lives still today. We have not forgotten who we are or who the people are that we serve. We are a full service, independent community bank that is able to offer our customers the very best in products and services while retaining our own decision making processes locally, which benefits the entire community. We really have spent the last 110 years building lasting relationships in our communities and hope to be able to do so for the next 110 years. We are working hard to stay abreast of new banking services so that we can help make our customerís lives easier."
– Jerry Schmidt
President & CEO of Bank North